Monday, May 3, 2010

The Dream Dress

I believe this is a good starting article for a new blog. It's a subject every lolita has interest in - the dress she's wanted since the beginning, the dress she caught a glimpse of and couldn't get off her mind, the dress she keeps as her wallpaper on her computer and stares at longingly. Some lolitas have that one dream dress that they would go to hell and back for, some get a new dream dress every couple months and have a few old ones piled up in their closet.

As much as I would love to own a closet brimming with dresses it's unfortunately not my reality. I haven't been a lolita very long - it's been two years now and I've only just been able to start collecting interest pieces like dresses. I've been focusing on basics like socks, petticoats, and blouses till now, which takes a lot of time and money. The fact of the matter is that lolita does eat up a lot of cash, especially if you have other (expensive) hobbies. So for many lolitas, a dream dress is just that - a dream.

A dress can be a really beautiful thing to see on a person who loves that dress. One of the saddest things is loving a dress, buying the dress (usually for a princely sum), and not having the dress fit or look right. The whole business is a gamble; whether or not you'll fit the dress, you'll have the money, or you'll be even be fast or lucky enough to get it. But in the end, the chase can be just as exciting as opening up that package.

The first image in this post is a dress I just bought from Qcute's site, the R-Series Taisyou Romance Camellia JSK. This is my first dream dress I've been able to purchase, despite the Mary Magdalene design in the second photo being my ultimate dream. I can only hope that one day I'll be able to get my hands on that baby.

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