Monday, May 3, 2010

Back for some real fun!

Well summer is here again. And I've decided to completely revamp this blog. Especially because I haven't written anything in it for months. So I've decided to make this blog entirely fashion-oriented, with a huge focus on lolita! I'll get around to whipping up some graphics later, but for now I think I'll just introduce the subject matter.

I hope to start writing about things that are important to me personally, and actually putting up articles. I'm more of an offbrand and custom-made lolita, so there won't be much about brands. I'm also not sweet; my favorite style by far is pirate, but I'm also an avid adorer of classic and gothic lolita, so a lot of the content will be about those styles. I'll also continue to post my lolita art, since it does kind of dominate my work. Hopefully I'll be able to put my own unique twist into the sea of lolita blogs that's drowning the internet. And hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posting to Enfant de Pêche! I have great expectations, and a lot of them are multicolored.

Time to get to work on those graphics!

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