Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alice and the Pirates Tribute Illustration

Today I figured I would post up a piece of lolita artwork I've done! This piece was done in July 2009 for the opening of the BABY the Stars Shine Bright store in San Francisco. On EGL there was a group of people putting together a scrapbook of images to give to the BTSSB staff as thanks for opening the store. I only own some socks and accessories from BABY, which I really love, so I figured I would draw something.

That said, Alice and the Pirates is one of my very favorite brands. I made a coordinate that was both piratey and Alice-y out of items I found on their website and drew my interpretation of the brand's vision of Alice. This is probably one of my favorite images I've drawn. It was so neat to see it in the scrapbook!

I'll be doing a (multi-post) write-up on pirate lolita soon, so keep an eye out! Just one, since the other is probably covered by a patch. Arr!

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