Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Own Hat Collection

Sorry for the delay in posts! I'd love to give some excuse but the fact is I was lazy. Yesterday I finally dragged my stuff down from temporary storage and took photos of my most beloved hats.

This hat is the only brand hat I own (so far), from BABY the Stars Shine Bright. I bought it used from Closet Child, and I'll just say that I really love their service. This hat looks like a cross between a homburg and a fedora, with a thin netting covering the entire surface and trimmed with a delicate lace. It's endowed with a large bow on the back, a trailing veil also trimmed with lace, and my personal favorite - the dangling chains and crystals. The chains are removable, which is great because they weight down one side of the hat quite a bit. This hat is actually much larger than I thought it would be, but I really do love it. I hope to buy more of BABY's hats in the future.

This is a cloche hat that I bought for $7 on clearance at Target. I really love cloche hats, as they're one of the very few types of hats I can happily wear without looking silly on a daily basis. They are excellent for a sophisticated but casual look. I have another one in a dark red, and I'd love to keep expanding my collection. The best part about them is that they can go for quite cheap! One day I'd like to put together a casual coordinate with this hat.

I'm in love with these hats! I can't wait for the day when I can wear them with the perfect sailor or pirate coordinate. I commissioned both of these mini tricorns from Sakurafairy, and I'd love to get more from her. They are so darling, with adorable details and the perfect shape! I desperately wish I had something to match them with. I think I'll order another one from her in all black, though I believe that navy blue and dark red are the best colors for pirate lolita.

This is my sole mini top hat, a steal at $5 from Forever21. I love all things black and gold, so I thought this might be an inexpensive but handy addition to my wardrobe. It came with a feather but it seems to have fallen out, but it's really not much of a hindrance. I still haven't thought of the right coordinate for this, though.

This is the latest addition to my collection, a large black velvet tricorn from Rainy Pass Trading Company on etsy. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. The only thing that bothers me is how small it is. It barely fits on my head normally, but with a wig it's simply a matter of balancing it on my head. I'm not even sure a hat pin would help. But I love it so, I should see if there's a way to expand the circumference of a hat. It would be perfect for a dark pirate coordinate. The large feather and fluffy trim are so dramatic, I wish I could wear this hat every day!

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